April 23rd, 1945

Hello Darling;

Just a few lines to let you know that I received your letter of the 14th, and as usual was very glad to hear that everybody is fine. So Donna was kicking up a fuss at the doctors? I received your picture on Saturday and thought it was the best yet, it really was grand dear. I received your air mail letter the same day they were both dated the 11th I think.
Well things are going very well here I think I told you I ran into Bob Hobbs well I have met about half of the old gang from Lachine over here. I ran into a lot of the fellows today and we had a lot of things to talk over. I certainly am working hard now but I do not mind because the days go faster and I do not get a chance to think about you and “Toots”.
The weather is a little colder now but it is still lovely. Our meals are very good as usual and I am quite happy but not as happy as if I were at home with you of course. I really do miss you am awful lot dear.
So my aunt is at our place now. I am glad to hear that. She should be happy there. I think it was a good idea to sell the refrigerator because my uncle can get us another one when we need it. I am glad to hear also that the dining room suite looks so well but do not get it marked up dear or I will have to spank you!
I read in the Air Force Orders that a C/O by the name of J Gibbs was killed. I was wondering if it was Jack Gibbs, so would you see if you can find out dear. By the way have they heard anything on Jack Aitkens yet dear, that certainly is too bad if he is a goner.
How are Marg and baby Judy doing, well I hope. It must be nice to see her as often as you can even though she is not allowed out of the house with the baby unless the Simpsons allow it.
By the way has my Pop heard anything from Mrs. Henderson yet? I wish he would take a holiday for a month this summer, it would do him a lot of good.
I am writing this in the Y.M.C.A and as soon as I finish I am going to take a walk and work up an appetite for myself for my 10 o’clock tea tonight.
But I have never had such a good appetite as I do have here. Well I will close now dear, but will write you on Wednesday again.
All my love,



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