April 19th, 1945

Hello Darling;

Well dear here it is Thursday so I thought I would drop you another letter and let you know that “Pop” is in pretty fair shape. I received a letter from my Mom just after I finished writing a letter to you so it was lovely to hear from someone in the family.
Things are just the same as usual here. I am pretty well here, settling into the routine. I guess I can put up with it for 6 months or so, it really is a lovely set up though in fact I think it is the best since I have been in the services. We live in a place that is like a luxury hotel and it is great place for the boys to come and relax after they have serviced. Some of the fellows are happy and others seem to be very low regardless of the nice surroundings and I can only imagine some of the horrible things these boys have seen.
The weather here is just like June weather back home. I guess you have read in the papers that we are having a heat wave over here, it certainly is warm.
I certainly wish that I could see Donna in her little red overalls. I bet she is cute. Can she walk yet dear? I am just sorry that I was not there when she will walk for the first time. Oh well, we will have lots of time together when I am out of this. I am not sorry that I had to come over because it really is an education, but I am sorry that I had to leave you and “Toots” dear because I miss you both so very much but as I think it is just a matter of weeks before this is over. We can’t be separated more than a year more dear it seems so very long but it will go by soon enough.
When you decide to send me a parcel just send it the same as my letters. You can send we chocolate bars dear as I am almost finished with mine already.
I have been getting a good tan in my noon hour, With the work hours that I am keeping I have about an hour and a half to sit on the beach. There are a lot of people here already and guess it will be a lot more crowded in the summer and when the war is over and the boys come here for rest and rehabilitation.
Oh yes, do not forget my razors in the package dear, sandwich spread, cheese, tea, spaghetti etc. are all very welcome but use you own judgement dear.
Well darling I will have to close now but give Donna a big kiss for me and have her give you one for me.
Goodbye for now darling,



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