April 17th, 1945

Hello Darling;

Just a few lines to let you now that everything is just fine and is going “according to plan”. I am pretty well settled down in my new work and it really is interesting, but it is more like a holiday. I work from 9-12 and 2-5 and most of that time I am not doing much, less all the paperwork I need to complete.
Well I had quite a day yesterday. You will never know who I bumped into, Bob Hobbs, he is over here from the continent on a bit of leave and I just happened to meet him on the street and so we went to the K of C and talked things over a cup of tea. I also meet Bill something or other, the fellow that Irene took to the Palais Royale and we there too. He is a sergeant. I did not get much chance to talk to him however.
Bob looks about the same, he is sleeping in a tent, but he does not seem to mind too much. He is looking forward to going home though but aren’t we all. The war looks as though it is just about over but I imagine we will be here for a few months after. You can’t say anything definite tough because I do not think anybody knows.
The weather is just like summer, it is about 80 degrees right now. Some of the boys were in the ocean swimming yesterday but I decided to sit on the beach and take in some sun.
Well darling I am putting on weight again. I really have am awful big appetite. I feel fine and getting a tan. I hope you and Donna are as well as ever dear. Do not forget to have a photograph of her taken darling, but I know I keep reminding you and I am sure that you have so many other things on your mind.
How is your new job going? Have you got our refrigerator, piano and stuff yet? Because we might be using it sooner than you expect. I certainly hope so anyway because I am already to settle down and start raising little “Lewis” what do you say about that dear?
I guess you are starting to look forward to your holidays. I wish I was with you dear but we will really have a holiday next year. Have you received the drawings of mine yet? I thought they were not too bad especially the profile one. So hold on to them will you dear. I received the snaps and liked them very much. I have not finished my roll yet but will send them home as soon as I can.
Well dear I will have to close now but will write on Thursday and so for now dear, all my love,



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