April 15th, 1945

Hello Darling;

Well here it is a bright lovely Sunday morning. I am at work today as there is nothing doing this morning as yet. I thought I would drop you a few lines.
I am pretty well settled on the staff here now and it really is wonderful. I am in the best hotel in town with tiled bathrooms and showers etc. and I just hope I stay here for the duration. Our meals are really excellent. But I would like nothing better than to be with you dear in our own little home getting breakfast, that certainly sounds better than anything.
I have another dose of that stomach trouble of mine, and I went on sick patrol, the M.O told me not to worry about it too much dear as it was just caused by the changing conditions food etc. But he said to come back and see him if I had it again. He gave me a dose of castor oil and an enema so I feel just wonderful now. I found out the best way to take castor oil is in water you really cant taste it all all that way.
I am glad to hear that everyone is fine back home and that out little daughter is coming along so well. I certainly miss you both an awful lot darling and do not forget to have a nice picture of you and Donna taken and forwarded over, you can get those leather frames for them, you know, that would be a real nice birthday present from all of you to me.
So Mom have not made her mind up about the house yet, well I think she should sell it. It would be nice for us to have a place to go into when I get out of this outfit but I would not worry about that to much. But it is her own business so U will not butt in. I guess Marg has not heard whether Ted had a nice leave or not yet. I imagine that he had a good time if we know Ted as well as we do.
The people here are very sociable, especially those from Scotland but you already know that don’t you dear. I have borrowed a bicycle of one of the boys on leave and I have been having a real good time seeing the country. I went to the show on Friday night and saw the latest “Thin Man” picture. It cost 42 cents that is the cheapest seats in the house here. But we can get a cup of tea and a beer over here for 5 cents so that is not too bad.
I will have to cut it short darling but I will write Tuesday again and so for now dear, all my love.
Your every loving husband,



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