April 13th, 1945

Hello Darling;

Well here it is Friday. I received your 2 letters dated March 31st and April 2nd on Wednesday so that is rather good isn’t it? I was surprised to hear you had not heard from me because I sent you a telegram as soon as I arrived. But I imagine you have received a letter or so from me by now.
Well dear I have some news for you. I am going to be stationed where I am now, it is considered the best place to be in England so I am quite happy about it.
I was quite surprised to hear that Jack Aitkens is missing. I had not heard anything until you mentioned it in your letter, that is really too bad. Do you have any details, as in did his plane go down or is he missing somewhere in Europe?
I am looking forward to receiving those snaps of you and Donna, is her hair just as curly as ever? Gosh I miss you two already. But the war news looks good so who knows how soon I may see you all again.
It is rather a damp miserable morning today but we have been getting real lovely weather so I can’t complain. I have been working at night for the last 2 days. So I have been taking it easy more or less.
So Pop is still working on the cellar, busy little boy isn’t he?
How do you like your new job, well I hope, but do not work to hard dear. It is not worth it. I guess Ted’s leave is just about over now. I hope he had a good time. I am rather looking forward to mine but I do not know when I will be getting it.
I been to a few shows since I have been here, they are pretty well, all American pictures and just as new as they are back home and I went to a stage show which I thought was very good. They don’t have strip tease over here, the girls start out with nothing on (oh boy!). I have my tea in the morning now, it is getting to become a bit of a habit. They make nice jam and bread but it is hard to get a nice piece of cake and you know how I like cake, oh well I will get lots when we are together again and I am certainly looking forward to that. We are still young and we have a lot of married years ahead of us so even if I am over here for a year there are still lots more ahead.
Well dear I am afraid that is about all for now and so I will close but I will write you again on Sunday or Monday dear and I should have received another letter or 2 from you and then I can answer them.
So for now dear all my love to you and Donna.
Your loving husband,



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