April 10th, 1945

Well here it is Tuesday afternoon and we have just finished some range work so I thought I would drop you a few lines and let you know how everything is. I am fine and putting on weight, I do not seem to be able to eat enough, the meals are really wonderful.
It is really a beautiful day today, it was just like a June day today.
I still have not received any letters from you or my family and I am desperate to know if everything is fine, and I am hoping and praying that I will get some correspondence from you soon.
I have been going to a lot of shows lately and a dance or so but I told you what I thought of them in my last letter and nothing has changed there.
This course that I am on and that we are all taking is really good but we are pretty tired when we are through.
I guess you can send me a parcel anytime you want dear. I would like a razor blade sharpener if you can get one and some blades. I think I told you a lot of those blades that I brought with me did not fit my razor. I can get chocolate bars over here dear, but a 1/2 pound of tea or canned meat or spaghetti etc. would be appreciated.
I am wondering if you are thinking of getting a job, but it is certainly up to you though and if you do not like it you do not have to stay on. I am also wondering if you have decided to go away for some vacation like we were talking about when I was home. I just wish that I was with you if you do decide to go away, but next summer we will really make up for lost time won’t we?
I will be looking forward to receiving those pictures of Donna and do not forget to have a large photograph taken. Have you had any luck getting films yet? I do not really need them but you could forward me one or 2 in your parcel. Boy don’t I want a lot but you told me to tell you what I needed.
Has Ted gone on leave yet? I imagine so. I would liked to have been able to go myself but I will not be getting mine for a month or so yet. But I would rather have to all another station than here because so far this has all been a bad place anyways.
Well dear I will have to close now but take good care of yourself and Donna and pray that we will be together again in the not too distant future because I really miss you very much dear. I will write you another letter on Friday or so and by then I should have a letter from you to answer and so for now dear,
All my love,



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