April 5th, 1945 – Bournemouth, England

Hello Darling;

Well here it is Friday and it is a very nice day. We are taking the same course that Percy did and I really feel fine. The meals are really goo and I have certainly got an appetite. I have taken in quite a few shows and they get them over here as soon if not sooner than back home.
I certainly miss you all very much and particularly that little girl of ours. How is she doing, well I hope. She will be a year old tomorrow. How well I remember a year ago and I still, I certainly was a proud father and I still am. In fact ore so seeing what a lovely girl she is growing up to be. I have not received any mail from you dear but I expect some any day more. I hope you are receiving my letters alright.
I do not think I have drank as much tea in all my life as what I have had lately nor have I ever eaten so many buns!
If you are thinking of sending any parcels dear, sugar and such are very heavily rationed over here and a 1/2 pound of tea is very acceptable in regards to pricing. But you send what you think I di not know what to say in this letter really until I receive your first letter. I wrote my mother and Aunt so I hope they receive them OK.
The girls are certainly having an awful time with clothing over here from what I have seen. The girls back home would not wear what they do here and their legs are all sore and red from not wearing stockings. It is to bad but I think it will be all over in a moth or so and I think I would stand it for a year over here but I would like very much to be home with you very much darling. I went to a dance last night and had a pretty grim time. I managed to stagger out three numbers, gave it up as a bad time and spent the rest of the evening having tea and toast.
The bands was not too bad, but the girls seem to have an awful time learning to dance with our boys and our girls back home have really got it over them as far as looks.
We get 2 chocolate bars a week but I have still got about 12 from the boat as I am alright as far as that is concerned. I went swimming at the baths the night before last and had a really good time They are very nice and clean and it only cost me 9 pence.
Well darling I will have to close now but write often and soon and let m eknow all te news and so for now, from the bottom of my heart all my love,



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