March 3rd, 1945

Hello Darling

Well here I am again dear and I thought I would drop you a few lines. Well the old air force let me down again. I told you about being all ready to go on my leave to Scotland on my 9 days, well they cut my leave to 4 days commencing on Saturday so I figured that it would not be worth it to go to Aberdeen for just 2 days as it is a 17hr trip each way. I do not know exactly why they did cut my leave in half but I am hoping for the best.
Well anyway I had my train ticket and everything and was debating whether to go or not. They said that I would not be paid until I came back on Wednesday and since I only had $5 left, well that cinched it. I grabbed the train for Birmingham and was here in 3 hours so I am with my Aunt until Tuesday. So dear I hope you understand the situation.
It is very cold here, the last day or so and I have been staying close to the fire lately. My Aunt and I have just come in from the show, last night she took me to a church social. They had a dance but it was really grim, so I am going to spend a very quiet three days.
Well darling by the time you receive this, I might be stationed somewhere finally so please told tight until I let you know where I land. Once I get myself settled I will make sure to write you and let you know everything is fine and where you can send your letters to me.
Gee dear you have certainly got me proud of you and our little girl and definitely anxious to the day that I will see both of you again. I am just thinking that I will be missing our little girls first birthday and that makes me very sad. To think that this damn war is making us miss so many of the firsts, it could just break my heart. And then I think about all those fellows who did not even get a chance to start their lives and who have lost everything and then I think to myself just how lucky we are to have all this happiness in our lives.
It has been lovely to spend some time with my Aunt and she has been a lovely host, but I am looking forward to getting back to London to see more of the sights and to take in some of the local culture. How is everyone fairing back home? Are they getting used to the fact that I am no longer 2 hours away, but in fact overseas? I sure do miss everyone, but you especially.
Well so long darling, look after yourself and as always,
With all my love,



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