March 2, 1945 – London England

Hello Darling;

Well here it is Easter Sunday dear and it really is a lovely day here. We are just having a big holiday waiting to be posted. I am at a Serviceman Center which was a hotel before the war. I have just finished having my afternoon cup of tea, it is getting to be quite habit.
Darling, the trip over was fine and I was thinking about you the entire time. I was not nervous and tried to sleep but only got a few winks here and there. I am fine dear and there is no need to worry, I will be fine.
Well dear I certainly miss you already and our darling daughter. I can remember this time last year I was certainly a nervous father to be. I just wish I was home to celebrate with you and her, but we will have to put up with this parting for a while yet.
I wrote my Mom and Aunt. I hope everybody is well, and that includes your mother and father and Beverley. I have had one half pint of this English Beer and that is all I want. Everybody is very nice to us here, there is all sorts of servicemen walking around London.
I went to a show last night and after went to a dance, they play all slow ones all night but the girls are not very hot dancers, but I imagine the Scotch girls might be a little better.
Oh by the way dear will you try and get me some proper razor blades? I find the Canadian ones better than the ones over here. If you could send about 10 packages over when I get an address for that would be swell.
I guess Ted is going on leave pretty soon. I hope he has a good time. I am really looking forward to mine and going to Aberdeen, all the boys say that is the place to have a good time.
I have not received any instructions on where I am going to be posted or what I am going to be doing but I am assuming that I will be working in the administration offices again in some capacity.
I have almost been hit a couple of times by cars. I can’t get used to them travelling on the opposite side to us but I think I now the score now.
Well I see that I am getting near the end of the page and so take good care of yourself dear and look after “toots” for the both of us and dear I love you very much, but we will just have to carry on and so for now,
All my love,



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