March 1945

Dear Readers

I am writing to let you know that Bill and Doreen’s worst fears came true and he was not discharged as they planned.
After Bill’s weekend leave he was informed that he was to be sent overseas, to London first and await his posting details. Bill received his embarkation leave for 2 weeks and then he left for London.

The letters pick up in March of 1945 where all of Bills’ airmail (which was written on blue tissue paper) are sent back to Doreen as she is still in Toronto.

There are very few letters from Doreen as she did not have a proper address to send Bill letters overseas, but once he finally is stationed at his posting there are a few letters and pictures from Doreen.

We will pick up the story there, and once again thank you for reading and supporting this incredible love story.


The Grandson.

2 thoughts on “March 1945

  1. Hi Grandson: I have enjoyed every letter your grandparents have written to one another.  They both are such caring, loving people not only to one another but also to their parents, relatives and friends. The world should have more people like your grandparents who are so very special and you must be so proud of them both. I am hoping that there will be more letters or was the March 1945 the last one that you will be sending? Thank you for sharing such a very special love story of two very wonderful people during the War Years.   Sincerely, Carol McCanse

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