February 14th, 1945

Hello Darling;

Well here it is Wednesday and I have just finished writing out my pass for the weekend and so I will be home for Saturday and Sunday dear.
I received your Valentines Day cards and thank you very much. I got rather hot under the collar when I read your card and dear I cannot wait to get home to you. I was also thinking dear that I better write Mrs. Dean a letter to thank her for such a lovely gift for Donna and seeing as I have not written her I was thinking that I would get right down to it as soon as I finish this letter.
Personally I like Mrs. Henderson cottage best but Mrs. Deans was a little nicer. I am just sorry about the way my Pop feels about it, oh well that’s life. I guess Pop will be saving his money rather than looking for a cottage.
Well darling things are pretty well the same around here. I took in a show last night. Tonight there is a skating party but I do not think I will be going.
It was certainly nice to read that you have got a letter from your dear friend Dot. She sure is one to watch out for and I hope all the boys in the office hold tight to their wallets. HA HA.
We are knocking off this afternoon as soon as I finish these letters and we are going to play basketball at the gym.
So my Aunt is going to live with Mom for a while? Well I had ideas of us moving in later on if I get my discharge so I guess her staying there in the meantime is a good move as any. Has my Mom decided yet what she is going to do because that would be just the thing if we had the downstairs to ourselves. It would be just the thing until we decided what we are going to do and as it is furnished it would save us buying furniture during the war. So in a way the $750 Mom and Dad would spend for a cottage would go a long way to making a real nice modern kitchen and bedroom in their basement for us. The more I think of it the better I like the idea but we will talk it over when I come home.
I know it would be a full house for all of us there, living under one roof but I think it would be a wonderful thing for all the family to be around one another seeing we have been so apart.
Well darling I guess that is about all for now dear, but I will see you on Friday and so for now,
All my love,



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