February 5th, 1945

Hello my dearest;

Well here I am your very cold and tired wife giving you a few lines of gossip on what is happening down here in Toronto. The weather has been horrible, with the cold and the snow, I can barely feel my fingers holding the pen while I write you this letter dear.
I am happy to hear, or not hear, that you are still safe and sound down there in Kingston and there has not been anymore news about you going overseas. Lets just keep it that way dear as I do not know what I would do if you were to go overseas and leave us here. It would be something that I would just have to get used to but again, the very thought of you going makes me very scared and worried.
Our little daughter is doing very well dear and I cannot believe in just a matter of months she will be 1 years old. I certainly hope that you will still be on Canadian soil when that special date arrives.
Everyone around here is fine, your Mom and Pop and Aunt came over for a visit and you were correct dear, she will be moving in with your Mom in the upcoming months. They will just have to sell her house and as the demand for homes in Toronto is rather high I think she will be in good standing with the sale of her home.
I had a letter from Dot this week and she is now settled in in Vancouver with her new job in the management office of Eaton’s. She certainly is going to make a name for herself in the management ranks of the company. I just hope she stays on the straight and arrow and does not get too distracted with the gentleman at work. It was so lovely to hear from her, but it makes me sad that she is so far away from me now.
I had a nice chat on the phone with Marg last week and since then I have not heard from her or seen her. She was telling me that Ted and her talked over the holidays and it seems that he told her that they would be staying put at the Simpson house for the foreseeable future. Darling, I could hear it in her voice that she so wanted to find a place of their own and move out of that house, and now to be told that she has to stay until who knows when? I feel for poor old Marg.
Well dear, I think that is about all these cold fingers and hands can write so for now, I will end it here with I love you from the bottom of my heart and I cannot wait to see you home soon.
Your very loving if not cold wife,



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