December 17th, 1944

Hello dear;

Well here I am writing you with relief in my heart. Your last letter certainly took me by surprise knowing that there is a real possibility that you could be shipped overseas and that your fellow servicemen from Lachine all went expect for you. Darling I am worried that you will be next and that you will be sent before long and I can tell you that scares the wits out of me.
Darling, are you sure that you have told me all the truth and that you do not know when you are going and if you are going overseas? We can certainly talk about it when you are home for Christmas but it would be a very big shock to me and everybody at home if you came home and let us all know that you are being shipped overseas. So if you know more please do not wait and telephone me as soon as possible.
I think I will be waiting by the phone every evening until you get here just to make sure.
Darling I have only bought one Christmas present and that is for your Mom and I did buy her a make up case as we did talk about it the last time you were home, do you not remember or were you just not listening to me. I guess I will have to get out tomorrow and get some of that shopping done. Everyone here is fine and we have been so busy getting ourselves ready for Christmas. We are expecting Marg and Ted if he is home, your Mom and Pop, Aunt Jessie, and if we are lucky we will also have Irene and Percy. We are planning a large turkey dinner with all the fixings and I am sure it will be a lovely time.
Our little daughter is sitting up all by herself and she looks just so precious. She loves to look at the Christmas tree and she actually loves to lay on the floor and look up at it when it is all lit up. She is just like a doll. Beverley has taken to removing some of the Christmas decorations and hiding them in her bedroom. I think she thinks that they are her presents, isn’t that funny?
We have finally had some sunny weather here this week and some of the snow actually had a chance to melt so getting around the city has become a little easier. There are still lots of cars hidden under the snow banks and I am sure that they will be there until the spring thaw.
Well darling I will end it here as you will be home soon and I will have so much to tell you. I am looking forward to having you home for Christmas and I am still very nervous that you will be gone before I know it. It is just the worried wife me in wanting to make sure that you are safe and sound here in Canada and not overseas where I cannot see you every other weekend.
So with that I am sending you all my love and looking forward to seeing you soon.
Your loving wife,



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