December 11th, 1944

Hello Dear,

I just have a few moments to myself so I thought I would write my lovely husband a letter before I go to bed for the evening. I hope you are doing fine and not spending too much time in town and going to the movies too often.
Well dear we had quite the snow storm here over the last few days. The snow kept on coming down and I thought that we would never see the light of day. Pop and I were out shoveling and left mom to take care of the babies. She sure did have her hands full. We shoveled 4 times and that did not even make a dent on the amount of snow that we saw. We heard on the radio that it was the first time that the streetcars could not even get down the Danforth due to all the snow that was piled up on the streets. Was I ever glad dear that we had lots of food in the house for us and the babies.
Darling, I bought a little Christmas outfit for Donna the other day at Eaton’s and boy oh boy does she ever look cute in it. I thought it would be just lovely for her to wear it on her first Christmas when she meets all the people that are going to come over to see us for the holidays.
Speaking of the holidays dear, I am guessing that you will be home for Christmas? I sure will be lovely to be home together at Christmas for the first time in years. I cannot wait, and time seems to be going by so slowly.
I had a nice visit from Irene the other day. She is beaming and I can only guess why. She has been seeing this nice fellow from work, and he is not in the service so I wonder how he got out of serving.
Marg also dropped by last night with the baby for a cup of tea and some cake. She brought a cake with her, a vanilla cake and it was just lovely. You know how good of a baker Marg is. She seemed to be in good spirits as I think Ted will be home for Christmas. It has been a long time since she has seen him and it makes me so happy that you are so close to us and can get home at least once a month dear. She said that she has been thinking of looking for a new place to live one Ted is home for good, but you know how fast a good place goes in Toronto. I told her to wait until everything is for sure and to hang in there as I know it has not been easy for her.
Well dear, is there any more news on your front about being transferred out of Kingston? Have they let you fellows know if you are staying put or are they keeping that information close to the chest. I would be very upset if they sent you somewhere else again dear, but we will just have to wait and see what comes of it.
Well dear my eyes are getting heavy and I think I will have to cut this letter short now. So darling I am looking forward to your visit and spending time with you alone so until then, loving you from the bottom of my heart,
Your loving, but tired wife,



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