November 19th, 1944

Hello darling;

Well here it is Sunday morning and I thought I would drop you a few lines and give you all the latest news. I know I promised to write on Friday or Saturday but things have been quite busy around here. I finally got the general address so you can mail my letters to me. I am at Station 4, Kingston, Ontario, K7M 6V9, attention W.A Lewis. So now you have so get cracking on those letters.
Well I have now get my things together in my new barracks and I have a few pictures of you and the baby hung up so I can look at the both of you when I am in bed.
I saw “Bataan” on Thursday night as you remember when we saw that together. I think it must have been over a year ago.
Well things are pretty good here and I think I will the place. The food is good and with a “48” hour leave every second weekend it is OK with me if I stay here for the duration of the war. Just think dear in 5 days more we will be together again. This past week seemed to go fairly fast but I think that those next 5 days will crawl.
We had a crash here on Friday and one of the boys were killed. I think that I will go to the church service this morning, we have a nice little chapel here.
I hope you are getting lots of sleep dear because I feel that we have a lot of catching up to do, and lots of people to see and lots of places to go, besides the bedroom dear (Ahem). Is there anything you would like to do, or anyone you would like to see or any shows you would like to go to. I do like spending time ta home with you and the baby but it would be nice if we could go out somewhere.
Well dear I think that is about all for now so goodbye dear for now. But I will write you on Wednesday again and so for now to you and our lovely darling daughter I say,
All my love,


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX – PS – write soon please.

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