November 1st, 1944

Hello Darling;

Just a few lines to let you know that I arrived back OK dear and did not have too bad a trip. I slept on a long bench in the smoking section and had a pretty fair sleep.
Well things are about the same around here dear, but I guess no news is good news for us eh?
I really had a lovely time on my leave dear, thanks to you and Donna. She is getting cuter every day and more like her mother who I think is the cutest girl of all. We did have a lot of fun didn’t we dear? I bought a ticket from here to Toronto for $1.00 today and If I could only get the return for $1.00 I would have made quite the savings.
Gee we are having real swell weather the last couple of days, it is just like summer here today. By the way dear our new address is No 2. Release Centre, Lachine QUE so you can address my letters to that address moving forward.
We had quite a situation here dear last night. It seems that one of the service fellows was found hanging from the rafters in the mess hall. What we can gather is that he decided that going overseas was too much for him and he decided to take his own life. It really is a shame that he thought that this was the only way out, and now the office of the Sergeant is looking into the whole matter. No dear, I did not know the fellow but my heart really does go out to his family where ever they are.
Well I think if we get a place just outside Toronto it would be just wonderful, don’t you think dear? Do not forget to get that Magazine “Better Homes and Gardens” or ” Canadian Homes” and look them over dear and see if you like any thing in there and write it down.
Well dear I am going to cut it short now so I will be able to get it away and so darling I remain,
Your very loving husband,



One thought on “November 1st, 1944

  1. Sad news indeed about the soldier who died by suicide. The news gives more context of the war’s impact as I am getting lulled by stories of Bill’s recreational life of movies and music. Of course he can’t share the top secret info. The death is also a warning bell, a foreshadowing…perhaps death the dream of an independent happy family with responsibilities only to themselves.

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