October 25th, 1944

Hello Darling;

Well dear I FINALLY received a letter from you. I was getting worried and if I hadn’t received one I would have had to phone you this evening to check in and make sure everything is OK. I know that you are busy but would it be too much to ask if I could get a line or two from you at least once a week!
I am glad to hear that everything is OK at home. I am fine dear and my cold is pretty well over. Things are just about the same down here. The weather is just fair but it really isn’t cold enough to wear the grey coat yet. I have got everything all set up for this weekend darling. I will be in Friday night and I will be going back Monday night so that will give us plenty of time to catch up on our loving and boy, I am really looking forward to it.
I got my uncle a miniature boat dear so I will being it home now anyway so let my mother know will you dear?
So our little girl is starting to sit up, well well. I guess she must be cuter and cuter each day, if that is even possible. I am certainly looking forward to seeing her, and you of course dear.
Well I have not been doing anything very exciting lately dear. Frank and I have been playing lots of Ping Pong at the club and as it is quite homey we have been going over there pretty well every night. Last night though we played bingo, but didn’t win anything.
I was thinking for a while there dear that you might be in family way again dear and frankly I would not have minded a bit, if we could have another one just as cute and sweet as Toots, We will have to take some pictures when we are together this weekend.
So Roy is going overseas, poor Jan. Well they better get at it really quick if he is going to be leaving, if she wants to start a family. Maybe I should give her a helping hand, what do you think about that. I would not charge very much HA HA.
I certainly love you and miss you very much but I will see you very soon, on Friday actually. So for now dear I will close by saying all my love and seeing you Friday night.
Your loving husband,



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