October 23rd, 1944

Hello dear;

Well darling, here I am your busy little wife back in Toronto writing you a couple of lines to let you know how things are going and what I have been up to lately.
Bill dear, you know how much work it is to look after a baby, and to run around after a 2 year old, and to help manage the house, and to help poor Marg and to entertain a few visitors so if I am slow in getting a letter off to you please be patient with me and do not think the worst. It is simply the fact that there are not enough hours in the day to have a moment to myself and when I do, I try and make sure to catch up on some sleep so that I am ready to go again for the following day.
Rest assured that everyone is fine and OK and that I am looking after everything here and just waiting for this darn war to be over so that you can be back home with us where you belong.
I was thinking about your last letter and when you told me that the station might be closing and that you might be moving, and I was actually hoping that you would have considered a placement closer to Toronto or of we were lucky one in Toronto proper. The thought of you so far away from home does not make me very happy but we will just have to wait and see and as you say it will be what it will be.
Bill dear you should see our little Donna, she is getting so big. She is now sitting up by herself and I think that it will be very soon that she is running around after Beverley and playing dolls with her. Won’t that be so cute when that happens darling? And maybe if we are lucky, soon, we will have another to keep her company. What a full house that will be.
I heard from Jan this week, she gave me a ring on the telephone. She told me that Roy was shipping overseas and that they would only have another week together before he leaves. She sounded really blue but I tried to pick up her spirits by telling here about all the fun that they will have once he gets home for good. That is what keeps me going when I am down and blue dear, the thought of you back home in our own little place.
I have not seen Marg in a few days, but we talk on the phone when we can. We can’t talk too long or Mrs. Simpson makes Marg get off the phone, and she has even hung it up on me when Marg is speaking. The only relief is when I walk over to their place and Marg is allowed to go for a walk with me and the babies. I hope and pray that Ted comes home soon and that she is able to get out, that is if Ted agrees to find a place and not live with his parents, can you imagine dear if hat happens.
Well darling, I hope that is enough lines of information for you to tide you over to my next letter, so for now I will close by saying I love you very, very much,
Your loving wife,



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