October 20th, 1944

Hello Darling;

Well here it is Friday afternoon dear and I would be just leaving the station to get my train, but seeing as I have not had a letter from you in a few days confirming whether or not I should come, I am still sitting here on my bunk. In fact I had my pass signed and ready to go but I will be home next week end I think, which should not be too bad.
I am glad to hear that both you and the baby are doing dine. I am rather glad that I will not be home in one way. I have got quite the cold and I would not want to get too close to Toots and give it to her. But I hope I will be better by next weekend.
Well I have not been doing anything really exciting. Frank and I went to the club Tuesday night and played about 10 games of Ping Pong. I finished up by owning him a dime. Wednesday I was on duty, and my fellow corporal and I slept all the time as there was nothing to do. Last night they had a staff party and it wasn’t to bad. Gee I wish you could have been there dear, they had the floor show from one of the night clubs in Montreal and I was thinking I would go tot he “Y” tomorrow for a swim.
I am sorry but I do not have any more news about the station moving, and as I said in other letter I think that it would be very exciting to see what Vancouver has to offer. I know we talked briefly about it and I know your feelings about having me so far away and so close to the Asian part of the war, but don’t you think it would be exciting none the less? And what a trip it would be for you to come out and see me. Time will tell.
It is really a lovely day today and I just wish that I would be coming home to you and the baby every night, but we will just have to be patient and make the best out of it.
I certainly do love you dear but I will prove it when I am home, I hope. It certainly is lonely being in bed without you dear. If we are here long enough I might even be home twice next month, so here is hoping.
Well dear I guess that is all for now darling, but I will write you Monday again and do not forget to write me soon as well as I wait for the mail call and see if I have got one of your swell letters.
So dear for now, all my love,



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