October 13th, 1944

Hello dear,

Well darling I hope you made it home OK and that you had a pleasant trip back down there. When you leave I certainly do get blue because I get used to you being home and I can pretend that we are in our own little house just the three of us. But enough about that, it will all work out soon enough.
The Christening was certainly very special for me as well dear. It was so nice that you were able to come down and be here for it. Having all of our family and friends there meant the world to me. Watching Beverley run up and down the aisles as so cute at first, but as you can imagine, Mother was not happy when we got home as Beverley was on her high horse for the rest of the evening.
It was nice to see Dot come and join us at the Christening. Did you get a chance to speak to her dear? I was only able to get a few words in, but I was a little concerned that she might have had a beverage or two before coming to the church. I hope all is OK with her.
It was nice t have Jessie there as well now that she is engaged to Percy. I wonder where he will end up and I hope you get a chance to see him when you get back.
Everything else is going fine dear, and I have been thinking about we will do when this war is over, specifically where we will live. I am hoping that we can find a nice place close to my parents or your parents so that we will not have to be far away when either of them need something.
Also darling, I need to take Donna to get her shots soon as she is the right age to get her first round of shots. I am not looking forward to it seeing as she loves to scream at the top of her lungs when she really wants something or is not happy.
I had a lovely if not quite birthday this year, and I cannot believe that I turned 23! Where has the time gone dear, and before you know it the both of us will have grey hair! I wonder what that will be like when it happens but that is something that I am not planning for right now.
Well darling that is about all and I will close this letter letting you know that I love you from the bottom of my heart and please let me know when you are panning your next visit.
With all my love,



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