October 11th, 1944

Hello Darling;

Well here it is Wednesday afternoon and so I thought I would drop you a line dear and let you know that everything is fine down here and I am raring to go on another 48 hour leave.
Well, Percy has gone. I arrived back to late to be able to see him, it is too bad but I guess that he maybe wanted to go.
I had a wonderful time when I was home dear, but as usual it went too quick. I am really glad that I was there for the Christening dear as it was quite a proud moment for me because I think out little darling is just about the cutest thing I have seen for a long time. She really is a dear (Just like her mother).
Well there is not very much that is new around here. The weather today is really grand, but I guess that I will get my old grey cost out for another winter. I am going to try and get a new one, and some of the lads are going downtown to do some shopping so I will see how I make out.
I’ve just finished eating a huge dish of ice cream that cost only 5 cents. How about you and I going up to Donlands Dairy this afternoon for one of those milk shakes, boy do I wish I could!
Out train was about 2 hours late getting in on Monday morning. There was a freight train that had jumped the rails, just the other side of Oshawa and it help us up so I did not get in until 8:30 but it was OK and they did not saying anything to us service boys.
Monday night I saw a good picture at the station show with Benny Goodman, it was really OK.
The rumor’s about moving the station are really flying around. Everywhere from Moncton to Vancouver have been suggested. I really think that something is in the air but just what I do not know. I would rather go to Vancouver of course but they wont ask me what I would prefer.
I hope you had a nice Birthday dear, how does it feel to be 23? Boy we are certainly getting up there aren’t we? The time really slips by, well darling I think I will close now but I will write you on Friday or Saturday and so dear as always,
I remain your loving husband,



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