September 26th, 1944

Hello darling;

Just a few lines yo let you know I arrived OK Sunday after a real nice trip. It was a very nice day and I just wished that you and the baby had been with me as I am sure that you would have enjoyed it.
There was only about 7 people in the coach until we got to Kingston and from there on it was pretty well filled up. But if you came down during the week I think that you would almost have the coach to yourself, that is you and the baby.
Well, things are pretty well the same. Please tell Percy to look me up because I might be able to do something for him.
Sunday night I arrived in about 5 o’clock. I worked until 10 o’clock and went right to bed. Last night I went to the Hospitality House and played records, they had just bought 20 new ones and they were really swell. I guess I will take in the show on the station tonight.
Well dear I really had a swell time on my leave (despite some things) but the baby is certainly lovely isn’t she? I really am proud to be her father and you really make a wonderful mother. Of and of course you have always made a wonderful wife, HA HA.
I am glad that we all could spend some time together and it was dandy that everyone came over for supper. It was just such a shame that Marg and the baby we too preoccupied at the Simpson house to come over. I know how you feel dear and you are worried that those people will not let Marg leave the house. I hope that you and her can find a way to get her out and go for a walk with the babies. I can only imagine what they have her doing and what they are saying to her. I am so glad darling that you have such a loving family that supports you.
The weather today was rather miserable this morning but now the sun is shining and I really feel like a million bucks!
Well dear I guess that is about all for now but I will drop you a few more lines around Thursday or Friday so hurry up and write those letters back to me.
So until then dear, I remain,
Your very loving husband,



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