September 15th, 1944

Hello dearest;

Well here it is Friday afternoon and a very wet one too dear, so I thought I would write you and give you all the latest news.
I received your letter dear and was glad to hear that Jessie is going to get married. I think that Percy is a nice kid and I just hope that they get along and are as happy as we are darling.
Well dear I have had a rather quite week and It gave me time to just think about how much I really love you darling. I really do love you more than anybody or anything else in this world dear and I think our baby is really a darling thanks to having such a swell mother.
By the way dear, I think I will go out looking for a place for us dear down here. I could have had an apartment but it was $12 a week and that is rather expensive but I think we could get a place and as it is only a 6 hour trip for the baby I think that we could make it but I will talk it over with you when I come home next month, but in the meantime I will keep an eye open for a real nice place here because darling I am very lonesome for you and certainly do miss you an awful lot. I think it would be just grand if you could come down here and live. I know that this would be a big ask of you, seeing as you have so many responsibilities down there, but I think it might be time for us to start thinking about our futures, what do you say to that?
You certainly have had a real busy week haven’t you dear? Don’t overdo it now though because you are a very bust girl as it is.
I expect to do a little golfing on Sunday dear if the weather is OK. I wish I had gone last week as it was a grand day.
Well darling that is about all for now but loving you with all my heart.
your loving husband,



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