September 10th, 1944

Hello Dear;

Well here it is Sunday afternoon so I thought I would go for a walk and here is where I ended up. I am at the Canadian Jewish Congress Servicemen’s Centre. I’ve just had my supper and played a game of ping pong so I thought I would write you a letter dear and let you know I am OK and everything is going along fine.
I had a pretty good trip back dear and managed to get a few winks in. Things were pretty quite Friday and Saturday and I took in a show last night.
Well dear I really had a lovely leave thanks to you, oh boy, and I think our little girl is the cutest thing going and the time will soon go until I come home again to the both of you.
Well dear has Jessie heard from Percy yet? I will try and get down for the wedding but I can’t definitely say until the last moment so don’t count on me at all. I think it is just grand that Jessie has found someone and that they have decided to get married. I know how much I love my married life WINK WINK.
There is another fellow writing a letter across the table from me here, who lives off of Broadview and who has a daughter too. He knows Alfie Cormack. He is stationed at Lachine and is a real nice fellow. We have been chumming around together lately.
Dear, will you send my collar clip down if you can find it. I think that I must have left it up there somewhere. I was going to play golf today with Norm but he decided to go home and so I didn’t have anything to do, so I slept in until 11 o’clock this morning.
Well dear I am afraid that is about all for now but I just want to add that I love you very much dear and I had a really wonderful time when I was home (especially with you, oh boy) and so to you and our dear daughter dear,
All my love,



P.S When you wear that little brown sweater dear, don’t let anyone pull the wool over your eyes.

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