July 13th, 1944

Hello darling;

Well dear, I am sorry that I did not write you sooner but I have really been busy since I have been back that I haven’t had a chance. I had a very good trip back and slept quite well on the train.
I certainly had a wonderful time on my leave dear, but it was over too soon. I hope you enjoyed it too dear, and I was certainly glad to see how well our daughter was coming along.
I had to work Monday night and Tuesday night. I was so tired I went to bed early. Wednesday night I saw that picture “Gaslight” and it was very good dear, that I suggest you try and go out and see it if you get a chance.
I received your telegram dear and thank you very much dear as it was very thoughtful of you to send this along for my birthday.
I don’t know when I will be home yet, either next weekend or the one after that. It depends when I am on fire duty in the baracks. I think it will be next week so I won’t be home until the week after that. The weather down here has not been too bad but we have had a few showers since I can back.
Gosh I hope that this darn war is over before long as I certainly want to settle down with you and our baby and have a place of our own but we are lucky compared to some other people that we know.
I hope Marg is well, I guess she is out of the hospital by now and I am really glad that she pulled through all right because I think that she is a real swell kid and now you can help her along as she is a new mother just like you.
I have not been doing any swimming yet but I think I will get some in this weekend. I was just thinking as I wrote this that a week ago today we went to the show downtown, the time has certainly gone by very quickly hasn’t it dear?
I received $1 from S&U so I will write them back thanking them and letting them know I am a proud pop.
Well darling I think that is about all for now but I will drop you another letter on Sunday and so until then, I remain,
Your very loving husband,



P.S Thank your mother for me for letting me stay at your place for the week

June 27th, 1944

Hello Darling;

Well here it is Tuesday afternoon and I have been waiting for a letter from you since last Thursday dear. I hope nothing is wrong darling so if not why not write your very lonely husband a letter and let me know how everything is.
Well I’ve got my leave all lined up for next week. I will be in on Saturday as I am going to save my “48” until later on in the month. Oh darling if you only knew how much I am looking forward to being with you and being able to get some real loving because I really want a lot the way I am feeling about you right now.
Well let me see what is new now. I have not been doing very much as the weather has been very poor except for yesterday and today which are grand. I guess the temperature must be 80 degrees right now.
I have seen a couple of good pictures lately, especially one last night, “Two girls and a Sailor”, it had Henry James’ band in it and it really was OK.
Well darling I have not got any special plans for next week but I would like to go away with you by ourselves, somewhere, what do you say dear? It is just like going on our honeymoon every time I come home dear and boy, so I ever like coming home. I hope you feel the same way so let me know what you have in mind and we can get it all arranged.
And how is our little darling these days, as well as ever I hope. Gee but I am looking forward to seeing her again so very much. Is she starting to talk to you yet dear? I hope I am there when she says “Mommy or Daddy”, boy that will be a big day in my life.
Oh darling if you only knew how much I love you and the baby and how much I wish I was home for good in our own little place. I start feeling rather blue when I think of things like that but I guess this damn war will end someday. In the meantime I guess we will have to pit up with it.
So you have an extra member in your family, it certainly is generous of your Mother to take care of her and I hope that it works out alright.
Well darling I am afraid that is about all for now but I will be seeing you on Saturday dear and so until then darling I remain your very loving husband,




June 22nd, 1944

Hello darling;

Well here it is Thursday night and I thought I would sit right down and write you a few lines to tell you all the gossip of what is going on here but most importantly to tell you that I miss you and love you very much.
The weather has continued to be very hot here dear and I think we are in for a bit of rain today so here is hoping that the rain will cool everything down. I sometimes feels like I am living in an oven and having to carry the baby around with me all the time sure makes me sweaty.
She has really been wonderful dear and she is still just as cute as ever. I am trying to see who she looks like darling but I am sorry to say that she is starting to look like the Booth side of the family so I guess people will think that Beverley and Donna are really sisters.
The one big piece of news that I can tell you dear is that Marg came around the other night in tears. I think she is feeling terrible about the baby coming so soon and that she will have no one around her to help out once she gets out of the hospital. Mom and Dad were here and what was the most supposing thing is that Mom said that Marg could come and stay with us when the baby comes, or she could actually come now and get ready for the arrival of the baby.
I think it is wonderful that Mom offered for Marg to come and stay but that would mean that this house will now have 2 babies and a 2 year old and 4 adults living under one roof. But the thought of Marg going home alone to that Simpson house with no on there to help her out and her being all alone was too much for any of us to handle so we will will see what she decides to do. She has not received a letter form Ted this week so I guess she will go and write him and ask what he thinks is best.
I am hoping that you will be getting your leave in July and I hope and pray that you will be able to be here for your birthday. It will be wonderful darling for you to celebrate your birthday here with me and your little daughter for the first time as a father. I think we could have cake and ice cream and really make it special. So dear let me know if you are planning on being here and if you would like me to invite anybody else to come over for your special day.
Well darling, I will leave it here for now as I really do not have anything new to tell you outside of how much I miss you and how much your little daughter misses you so with all of love,
Loving you form the bottom of my heart,



June 19th, 1944

Hello honey;

Well dear here it is Monday afternoon and as things are a little quiet I thought I would catch up on our correspondence. It is certainly a miserable day down here today in fact it has been rather cool all week but today it is pouring and it looks like an all day rain out.
I received your very nice card on Saturday dear and the words on it just cover the way I feel about you. I certainly miss you darling especially after that good time we had together when I was down last. I certainly love you darling especially when you are holding our little daughter. It does keep a smile on my face when I think about you at home laughing and kissing our little one. I will make up for lost time when I get back with so many kisses for you and the baby.
Gee but I wish I would be able to come home to you every night but I guess if we pray hard enough we will be together soon. Lloyd just came back this morning from his leave and he had a real good time. HIs wife went to the Doctor when she was home to see if there was anything that they could do to hurry up the process to being in the family way. Lloyd told me that they have been trying everything and I just told him to relax and enjoy all the fun.
Dear I am thinking that my next leave will be in July from the 3rd to the 11th so let me know if that timing works for you.
Well dear let me see what I have been doing. I went to the show Thursday night and played tennis Wednesday and Friday nights. Saturday night I went to the Y.M.C.A and had a dance and a swim. Sunday I did not do very much at all and went for walk at night and I guess that I will go to the station show tonight.
Well how is out little daughter getting on darling? Is she getting any cuter? I just hope she turns out as nice as her mother because I think you are about the sweetest thing I have ever met.
I was thinking dear that we could maybe go away for a day or so, but we will see when I come home. What do you think about that darling, do you think that we could go up North to Mrs Deans place or should we look for somewhere closer seeing as we will have our little daughter with us?
Well darling I think that is about all for now but I will drop you another letter on Wednesday and so until then dear I remain,
Your loving husband,



June 14th, 1944

Hello darling;

I received your very nice letter yesterday dear and was very glad to get all the news.
You say you had a good time when I was down there, I know that I had a wonderful time and i am very glad that I came home when I did because I would not have missed all that fun for a $1000. We had better figure out when I should come home for my weeks leave so you figure it out and let me know dear. I was planning on the first week in July but I will leave it to you to let me know.
Darling, I was very happy to see that you look wonderful and that you have now got a routine with the baby and your parents and Beverley. I am only imagine how hard it must be doing this all alone and me not being there to support you and I know I have said it many times before but I am just so proud of you, and that makes me love you even more.
Well dear let me see what I have done. Monday night I went to the station show, it was just a fair picture. Last night Norm and I went for a walk and I guess we will go to the station show again tonight. Norm was telling me that it was not working out with the girl he has been going around with, and that he has been seeing a young gal from Montreal. You know that Norm, he can never make up his mind about what he wants to do when it comes to women. I think he might be one of those guys who will forever be a bachelor.
Lloyd went one a weeks leave this week and he took his wife home to London with him, so here is hoping the he can get the job done in order to me in the family way!
Well dear out little daughter is getting cuter, I do not know how she can because she is just as nice as can be right now. I get a little sad when I think of all the things that I am missing when I am away and even though you let me know on a regular basis in your letters on how she is doing, it hurts my heart to think that I might miss some of those special events in her life. Every night I pray that this war will be over and that I can come home to you both and we can get that little bungalow and start things right, but as I always say, things will happen when the time is right.
So you received your $25 that is dandy dear. it is very nice when you get paid for things like that.
By the way dear will you renew my subscription to the Star?
Well darling I will make this short so I can get this letter into the mail at 4 o’clock and so until then dear I will write you on Saturday and so for now,
All my love darling;