August 18th, 1944

Hello my love;

I hope you are keeping well and I am just going to get right down to it and let you know about all the things that have been happening here in good old Toronto.
I am glad that you are keeping yourself busy dear but it seems like you have plenty of time on your hands to go out and enjoy yourself. How about writing me more often seeing as you have time to spare HA HA.
The weather has not changed since you left dear, it has been so darn hot and hazy that there is really no where to go to get relief. Everyone has been complaining about the weather so I guess it is a nice change of things to talk about besides that war.
Our little daughter is doing just fine and coming along very well. I think that she might even walk before long, but talking is something that she is starting to do. And if you mean talking, I really mean screaming and crying and babbling to herself. It is OK though, I just love her so much and I know you do as well.
Bill dear, are you thinking that we can go up to Mrs Deans and spend a few days there? I am thinking that it might be best for everyone to bring the baby along with us. Mom is still looking for work and I think that is what she wants to spend her time doing. So bringing the baby long with us makes the most sense.
Marg and I have been doing a lot of walking. She told me that she has not heard from Ted in weeks. I think that is just plain awful of him to not write her and make sure that she is OK and to ask how his new little daughter is doing. I am sure that he is just out having fun with the boys and not thinking that it would be great if he dropped her a few lines. She is so blue dear and I just listen to her cry and think how lucky I am to have you as my husband, not because you write to me all the time but because you make sure that I know how much you love me and Bill darling that means the world to me. I think it will also mean the world to our little daughter as well when she gets older.
Everyone else here is doing fine and the number of visitors that have come to the house has certainly gone down. I am guessing that the excitement of the babies in the house has lost some of its lustre and to be honest dear, that is OK by me. I love spending time with our baby, and she makes me so happy.
Well darling I guess that is all the news and so I will write you when I get a few lines from you, so darling, loving you more and more each day.
From your loving wife and mom,



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