August 8th, 1944

Hello darling;

I am sorry that I was rather late in writing you dear but I was waiting to receive a letter from you so I could answer it. Imagine my surprise when I did not receive one so I decided to go right ahead and write you another letter to make sure you are feeling a little bad about not writing me sooner (Ahem).
The weather last week wasn’t particularly good but today it really is lovely. There is not a cloud in the sky, there is only one thing wrong and that is that I have got a summer cold. I think I got it because I sleep right in front of an open door and you know how I do not like covers on me, well I think I must have been on a draft at night.
Well dear I had quite a little talk with our Personnel Counsellor on the station. He is here to interview all the lads and tell them what they are best suited for. Well anyways he gave me some tests and he told me that I should go to University after the war because I did so well on them. It seems the government will pay you $23 a week while I am at school and also pay for all my expenses. So I told him that I would talk it over with you first before I did anything. I would have to take correspondence courses to get my Matriculation. He said I might be 29 or 30 before I graduated but he said that is would be well worth it if I graduated as a Bachelor of Commerce as they have jobs starting at $50 or $60 a week. I thought that I would write you about it first dear than we could talk it over when I come home.
I expect to be able to get home around the 12th of August that is in just a few days. I was given a one way ticket from Lachine to Toronto but it isn’t much good unless I get a return ticket but I might just happen to get one.
Dear I am enclosing a little booklet that I would like you to read because it is very important that you should know what they are going to do for us and so that we can talk over our future together.
I have not done very much at all since I last saw you dear. I had to work all day Sunday and I saw a good show last night “The Mask of Dimitrius”.
How is you Pop getting along? Well I hope. I am looking forward to going up to Haultain for a weekend with him. I ma just sorry that you won’t be able to come dar, but we shall see.
Well dear do you remember 2 years ago what happened? We certainly had a lot of good times since we got married haven’t we? And we got a lovely daughter to show for it.
Well darling that is about all for now but I will write you on Thursday or so and so until then darling,
All my love,



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