August 3rd, 1944

Hello darling;

Well here it is Monday afternoon and about time that I wrote you a letter to let you know how your husband is doing and what he has been up to.
Well lets see now. Thursday night I went to the show. Friday I was on duty all night. Saturday afternoon Norm and I went swimming and had a real good time and at night we hitched hiked to the Westmount Y.M.C.A. Yesterday however I really had a wonderful time. It seems that there is a standing invitation for our boys to spend Sundays in this country club about 20 miles from our station so 5 of us decided to go. We left about 9 o’clock in the morning and what a swell place. The membership costs $500 a year and it is just like you see in the movies. It had lovely manicured lawns and there were many men and women all dressed in white sitting on lounge chairs on the terrace. The flowers were something out of a movie and all the servers wore white gloves. Well anyway we played golf until 1:30 and then they gave us our lunch and what a lunch we had. We played more golf until about 3:30 and then went for a swim. We came back and had supper and then read and sat around until it was time to come home. So I guess that is where I’ll be going on my spare Sundays around here from now on.
I hope you had a real good time on the weekend yourself dear and I was really wishing I would have been there with you, just the two of us and of course the baby. Boy that would have been fun but we will be having lots of fun this weekend so make sure that you are ready for my arrival.
So your Mother is working dear, well all I will say is that you had better not work too hard dear because you had your hands full when your mother was home and frankly dear I think it will be to much for you but I want to talk that over with you when I come home.
We are having a picnic tomorrow afternoon dear and I hope the weather is as nice as today. We had some really warm weather last week and as there are only a few windows int he barracks you can imagine how hot is was when I was trying to sleep.
Gee dear but I look forward to seeing you and the baby so much. I do not know what I would do if I could only see you once a year or so, but things look pretty good and who knows when it will all be over.
Well dear I guess that is about all for now but I will write you about Wednesday and so darling loving you and the baby with all my heart.
You loving husband and Pop,



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