July 28th, 1944

Hello my darling

I hope all is well with you dear and I am going to write you just a few lines to keep you posted with all that is happening around good old Toronto.
The baby and I are doing fine and I am tickled pink that she is doing so well. She has her good days and she has her bad days, but I am just very thankful that her good days are more than her bad days.
Darling it has been so warm here over the last few days and there seems to be no air getting into the house. We have all the windows open but that does not seem to help. Thank goodness that the baby is such a good sleeper that the heat does not bother her at all. Beverley is completely another story. She has been so cranky lately and when I try to put her down to bed she just cries and cries and I think that is is about how hot it is on the second floor. Pop has taken to sleeping on the couch as it is much cooler on the first floor as you know.
One other big pieces of news is that Mother has decided to get a job and go to work. I think it might be good for her to get out of the house and seeing as I am here I can take care of both the babies without many distractions. Dear, when you finally come home I will be so glad to get our own place so that we can start that life you keep talking to me about. I keep thinking of all the things that are still in my cedar chest that I have not had a chance to use and one day when we have our own place I will take them all out and we can use them and make everything how we like it.
Irene and Jessie came over and asked me if I wanted to go to the show on the Danforth. I know it is not far but I had to stay home as Mom and Pop were out with their friends and I had to look after the babies. They stayed a while but they decided to leave as it was too hot and they went for Ice cream.
I see from your letters that you are enjoying your time swimming dear, well aren’t you the lucky one. I wish I could get to the lake and have a cool off in the water. I will expect you to be in top shape when you come on in a few weeks.
Well darling I will end it here as I am beginning to sweat and I would not want to get the writing paper wet HAHA.
So please hurry home and I cannot wait to see you again, and of course little Donna will be waiting for you as well. So all my love form the bottom of my heart darling, and missing you as always,
Your loving wife and Mom,



2 thoughts on “July 28th, 1944

  1. And so it begins: Doreen doesn’t seem to have much of a say. She misses a show as her mom and dad went out with friends and she “had” to look after both babies. Her mom is getting a job and Doreen will take care of both babies…was she even asked? After that comment though she immediately says she is so glad she and husband will have their own place….Things are coming to the tipping point also illustrated by the fact that poor Marg has no voice either– husband orders her back with his draconian parents.


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