July 26th, 1944

Hello darling;

Just a few lines to let you know that I had a real nice trip back home. I had a double cabin on the train all to myself and I folded it down and made a bunk out of it. I slept fairly well and got in at 7 o’clock.
It was a nice day yesterday and I did a little skeet shooting in the afternoon. I went to the show last night and was in bed fairly early though I wasn’t very tired from the days activities.
I really had a dandy time dear even though it went so quick, oh well dear I will be back for a good long time one of these days, and here is hoping that is sooner rather than later.
Gee our little daughter is certainly coming along fine and I am very pleased with her.
Things are pretty quiet around here right now but the weather is miserable today and I don’t mind staying in and taking things easy.
Dear, would you send those brown pants of mine down with my belt and that brown sport shirt of mine if it is there? I was going to bring it down but forgot to. I think having a few civilian clothes to muck around in when I go into town would be great, that way I would not have to wear my uniform and get it all dirty. Even though I do not mind doing my laundry this would make things much simpler.
I was happy to see everyone when I was back home and you sure do have a full house there dear. There was not a minute of silence and the amount of noise, how could anyone get some good shut eye. It was nice to hear the baby and Beverley, it certainly seems that they are getting on just fine now.
It was a shame that Marg had to move back in with the Simpsons so soon and that she was not around that much. I would have like to have seen the baby but I am sure that soon enough when this war is over we will all have a chance to be together.
Well dear I am afraid I will have to make this brief if I want to get it away in the post this afternoon and so for now dear, I remain you very loving husband and proud Pop.
All my love,



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