July 17th, 1944

Hello Darling;

Just a few lines to let you know that I am thinking about you dear and that I will be home this weekend unless something unforeseen turns up.
I hope that you and the baby are both well dear, I am fine. Thursday night I went to the station show. Friday night I went swimming. Saturday and Sunday I really had a swell days. Two other fellows and myself decided we would go swimming so I asked a fellow who lives around here and he said that a place named Pointe Clare was a good spot. That is down the line about 20 miles so we took the train yesterday afternoon and we were there by 2 o’clock. I had a swim and just as we were passing the clubhouse of this yacht club they asked the three of us if we would like a sail, so we said sure and what a boat it was. About 30 feet long and had a cabin and everything, it was really wonderful. We did not get back to the station until 630PM and so it was a really swell day.
Well how are my mother and father doing about their holidays? I hope they have decided on what they are going to do. If you know can you either ask them to write me or you can tell me in your next letter.
Oh by the way dear how would you like me to work on a farm for 8 weeks? It seems that they will give farm leave without pay to almost any airmen who has friends or relatives on farms who need extra help. So you can ask my mother if she knows anybody with a farm and they would use me of course, they would have to pay me but I would like to work on a farm for a month or so if I could come into the city at night. It is an idea anyways, but I guess a farm labour is pretty tough work (ahem).
Well dear I certainly miss you already and that is not all I miss, but we will see about that Friday night and oh yes, I have had a couple of little French girls keeping my bed warm for me, but I do not think they can do any better of a job than you can dear. HA HA
I will write you dear in case I am not able to make it down this weekend dear. so until then all my love dearest from a very loving husband,



P.S You had better get lots of rest darling

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