June 22nd, 1944

Hello darling;

Well here it is Thursday night and I thought I would sit right down and write you a few lines to tell you all the gossip of what is going on here but most importantly to tell you that I miss you and love you very much.
The weather has continued to be very hot here dear and I think we are in for a bit of rain today so here is hoping that the rain will cool everything down. I sometimes feels like I am living in an oven and having to carry the baby around with me all the time sure makes me sweaty.
She has really been wonderful dear and she is still just as cute as ever. I am trying to see who she looks like darling but I am sorry to say that she is starting to look like the Booth side of the family so I guess people will think that Beverley and Donna are really sisters.
The one big piece of news that I can tell you dear is that Marg came around the other night in tears. I think she is feeling terrible about the baby coming so soon and that she will have no one around her to help out once she gets out of the hospital. Mom and Dad were here and what was the most supposing thing is that Mom said that Marg could come and stay with us when the baby comes, or she could actually come now and get ready for the arrival of the baby.
I think it is wonderful that Mom offered for Marg to come and stay but that would mean that this house will now have 2 babies and a 2 year old and 4 adults living under one roof. But the thought of Marg going home alone to that Simpson house with no on there to help her out and her being all alone was too much for any of us to handle so we will will see what she decides to do. She has not received a letter form Ted this week so I guess she will go and write him and ask what he thinks is best.
I am hoping that you will be getting your leave in July and I hope and pray that you will be able to be here for your birthday. It will be wonderful darling for you to celebrate your birthday here with me and your little daughter for the first time as a father. I think we could have cake and ice cream and really make it special. So dear let me know if you are planning on being here and if you would like me to invite anybody else to come over for your special day.
Well darling, I will leave it here for now as I really do not have anything new to tell you outside of how much I miss you and how much your little daughter misses you so with all of love,
Loving you form the bottom of my heart,



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