June 13th, 1944

Hello dear;

Just a few lines to say hello and make sure that you returned safe and sound from your time here in Toronto. I know dear that you have been home for a couple of days by now but I did not hear from you when you got back so I am assuming that you made it off OK and that you are back to work.
I had such a wonderful time with you when you were back home dear and when were dancing at the Palais Royale all I could think about it that this is where you belong. I am happy dear that you got to spend so much time with Donna and I think she was happy to see you but do not worry, the crying is something that she has mastered. I think that I am a little heart sick knowing what we will be able to do once this darn war is over and you are home for good.
But enough about that dear how are you feeling? I hope that you did not catch my fathers cold as you know it still has been lingering for some time.
I wanted to let you know that I received the $25 mothers allowance and that was really a nice thing to get. I think I will put the money away and use it later on when Donna needs some news clothes because as you know dear she is well of when it comes to clothes. I do not think that I will have to buy her anything for some time now.
Marg just came in so excuse me while I go say hello. Marg was just telling us that she has been having awful pains in her legs and I think that it is all the extra weight that she has been carrying. Every time she is here she sits right down and starts in on the leftovers from supper and I can only imagine how big that baby is going to be! She received a telegram from Ted but it did not have much news to tell her. I think she is just hoping and praying that everything works out alright once the baby comes.
Lets see what else can I tell you dear. As you know the heat will just not let up. At night I sleep with no sheets on me and I am just sweating all the time. The upstairs is so hot that Mom has taken to sleeping on the couch in the living room. For some reason dear when we were staying at your Mom and Pop’s house it did not seem that warm on their second floor so I am wondering dear if their house is cooler than our because of all those trees?
I was thinking dear that I would like to get some film and start taking pictures of the baby and that way I could send some down to you. You were saying that you could get some film on the base so if you can , can you please send down to me some film?
Well dear I will have to end it here as I want to make sure that I feed the baby and then go out for a nice long walk that way I can get some exercise and keep this figure of mine trim and slim as I know you like it that way. So for now, loving you from the bottom of my heart,
Your loving wife,



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