May 29th, 1944

Hello darling;

Well dear here it is Monday night and I have just come in from seeing “Once Upon a Time” but it wasn’t so hot. I am sorry that I did not write sooner dear but I was waiting until I received a letter but I haven’t had one in a while from you, but I am hoping that I will get one from you tomorrow.
I have so many questions about you and the baby that I think I will wait for your letter to ask them or wait until I come down and see for myself how things are going.
Gee dear it is nice to look forward to being with you even though it is only for 5 days and we will have a really good time. I am just thinking about all the fun we will have and how we will have such a time with the baby and I certainly hope that she knows who I am.
Well dear we have been having lovely weather down here, too warm in fact. Friday night I went to the Hospitality House but I decided to go for a walk and so I was in bed early. Saturday night I went to the Y.M.C.A for a swim and that was pure heaven. Yesterday I played tennis in the afternoon and went to the station show. We are having a big field day on Thursday afternoon so I should get some sun.
Well dear I am just think of how well our little daughter is getting on so well. I guess I will notice a big difference in our little darling. Gee, I am so happy when I think of you and her both belonging to me. I only wish that we were together but I pray every night for that and I have faith that we will be together very soon.
I have not asked but how is your Mom and Pop doing? I hope that everybody is getting along well and that the addition of a baby has not disrupted the household too much. I hope that Donna is not crying a lot and keeping Beverly up at night as we both know what a terror Beverley can be.
By the way dear, I think I would like to get the Star again so would you be able to put in a request for me again? I think you should wait until I have had my 5 days leave though dear, so that the paper will not be sitting around for one of the fellows to enjoy.
My I miss you dear and I bet that you look pretty good but you look swell to me dear always. Well darling that is all for now and so until Wednesday when I write you again I remain,
Your loving husband and Pop,



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