May 24th, 1944

Hello darling;

I received the birth announcement that you sent me for Donna and I was very glad to receive it, but I was expecting a little more information in the form of a letter from you dear. I am glad to hear that Donna is getting on so well and I certainly miss you very much. I’ll be home on the 3rd of June dear that is a week this Friday. I think I will be able to get 5 days, don’t ask me how but it isn’t an annual leave. So that will be until Wednesday night won’t that be grand dear? I can hardly wait.
We are having lovely weather down here and they are going to let us wear shorts and socks so I should get a really good tan this year.
Well let me see that I have done since I last wrote you darling. Friday night I went to the show. Saturday I went to the Y.M.C.A and Sunday I went to the Hospitality House. Monday I went for a walk after work and last night I went to the station show. I have not been in Montreal proper for a month now. It really is lovely here in Lachine in the summer but I think you are right about not wanting to come down here. The baby is doing so well that i would hate to see anything happen to spoil it. You can get an apartment down here pretty easy but they are pretty expensive but we can think it over in the fall.
They asked for 5 volunteers for overseas and Bert Kevanghan volunteered. I think that has wife won’t like that very much. He is going on his embarkation leave today.
So our little daughter is starting to recognize things. I just wish that I was there to watch her grow up but she has a lovely mother to look after her and love her and the little darling knows it too I think. I believe that a baby should really have a lot of loving. I think husbands should too don’t you? So you will have to give me a lot of loving when I come home next weekend and I will be all set for lots of love from my baby daughter.
We will go dancing when I come home what do you say to that dear? I think the Palais Royale would be the best spot because it is nice and cool down there.
So I forgot to ask dear did the Doctor give you any exercises to do? If he did make sure that you do them because you have a lovely figure dear and you should try and keep it. I’d better not think about your figure to I will be coming home right this moment! I certainly do love you darling and it will be heaven when this war is over and we are together once again for good.
Well darling I think that is about all for now but I will write you another letter on Friday or Saturday and so for now dear all live love.
Your loving husband,



2 thoughts on “May 24th, 1944

  1. Love the mention of the Palais Royale….also that he asks if, she, his wife has asked her doc for exercises to keep her lovely figure! lo


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