May 12th, 1944

Hello dearest;

Dear, let me first start by saying that this letter is well overdue, and I do hope that you accept my apologies for not writing sooner, but I have just been so busy now that I am up on my feet and moving around like my old self.
Everyone is fine here, and your Mom and Pop have been around almost everyday to come in and see Donna, but most of the time she is sleeping.
Bill dear, she is really a wonderful little girl, she never fusses or really cries all that much, but she certainly makes sounds when we she wanting her feed.
I went to the doctors yesterday and had my check up and he said everything is going well and that Donna is right on track in regards to her putting on weight. I was so happy to hear that and that I am doing everything right as dear, I was concerned that I was not being a good mother but I have had some practice with Beverley but this is something very different as this is our little baby.
How have you been keeping dear as I read by your last letter you seem to be out and about quite often and going to the show at least 3 times a week. What I would not give to be able o go to the show with you dear, and hold your hand while we watch the picture.
My Mom has been a big help in getting me set up with the baby as she had lots of clothes and diapers left over from Beverly and I have been using them. Mom thinks having Donna around will be good for Beverley as there are not a lot of little ones on the street and now there are 2 in the house together and I am sure when the time comes that they will like to play with one another, but lets not rush things dear as I want to enjoy all the moments with our baby.
We had a visitor the other night and I was surprised and happy to see Doris come around and see the baby. I know she is wanting one of her own desperately but as you say dear, everyone is doing it so I told her to just keep trying and before soon enough she will have one.
Last night I also had a phone call from Dot, as she was working late and had a chance to give me a ring. We spoke for a few minutes but I could tell that her heart was just not in it. She told me about the office and that she was busy with work but she really did not ask me many questions about the baby, so dear, I think that she is in quite a place with her beau and I hope that she comes to her senses and finds a better man.
But enough about that dear, when are you planning on coming back down here and how long will you be staying for? I hope you get a nice long leave and we can spend lots of time together.
Well dear, that is all for now so I will end it here by saying I love you very much and Donna sends her little baby kisses to you,
From your loving wife,



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