May 11th, 1944

Hello darling;

Well dear here it is Thursday afternoon and as yet I have not had a letter from you and I am so anxious to hear how our daughter is getting on. I hope that you managed to go to the Doctors on Tuesday.
Well dear I managed to get back alright. I guess my father told you that the first train was packed but they put a coach on the second train which was all freight and I got a real good seat on it. I arrived in at 7:15 in the morning. I was rather tired Tuesday night and so I laid down at 6:30 and slept until 10:30 then I got up and went to bed. Last night I went to the show downtown and it was very good. They took us in buses and brought us back as well.
The U.S army Air Corps band is putting on a concert tonight and I don’t know whether to go or not. There is a golf course next door to us you know and we can play over there so I think I will learn the game.
Well dear I had a wonderful time on my week-end and I was really sorry to have to come back here but as I said all good things have to come to an end. You are looking real well dear and do not forget to get lots of rest, even if the little one is crying.
By the way dear, when you go to the doctors will you inquire about what we talked about? All the married fellows around here told me their wives used them and found them very good and they only cost about $5.00, so that would be just the thing for us.
I received another edition of the S&U paper today and from what I read about Dave Miller I would bot be surprised if Doris was expecting. Everybody is doing it these days, it really must be fun. I think it is don’t you? And just think darling of all the time we have to make up when I get back home and all the fun that we will have, Oh Boy!
Gee we certainly have a lovely daughter haven’t we dear and she is really getting the best of care. I just wish I was at home to watch her grow up. By the way dear will you take some pictures of her during the week and send me them as soon as possible because I am looking forward to receiving then very much that is what we ought to do, take a picture every month and just compare them to watch her grow. Wouldn’t that be something?
Well dear that its about all for now. I have to get paid and so I will mail this right away dear and do not forget to write soon dear. I do apologize for the messy writing but all I have to write with is this darn pencil and the nib is getting dull so I will end it here.
And for now darling, all my love to you and our daughter Donna.



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