April 29th, 1944

Hello my darling;

Well here I am your very naughty wife finally writing you a few lines to let you know all the news back home and how everyone is doing.
I am very sorry dear that I have not written you sooner, but I have been getting my footing on how to be a mother, even though I had lots of practice with Beverley, I can tell you that it is very different when it is your own daughter. I keep looking at her to she who she looks like, you or me, and I think that she is just the perfect combination of the both of us. I think that she might take after the Lewis side of the family but it is a little too soon to make that assumption.
I have been keeping very well dear and I am certainly glad that some of that weight has come off. I hope you are glad as well seeing as you think I was beginning to look like a little porker. Donna is doing great on her feedings and she is the happiest little baby that I have ever seen, She does not cry a lot but just sits and listens and looks at everyone when they come into see her.
We have had so many guests since I got back from the hospital. Your Mom and Pop where here a few times, and every time that they see the baby they get so excited and happy. Irene and Jessie of course have dropped in and they are so glad to see the baby. I also got a surprise visit from Dot last night. She came in after work and she wanted so badly to hold the baby. I think that she would like one of her own but she will need to do the right thing and marry that man first.
Marg has been here almost every day, and she tells me that she told the Simpsons that I needed help so they have let her out of the house every evening to come over here for supper. It has been nice to she Marg on a daily basis dear, and I think it has been good for her as well.
Mom and Pop have been a big help with the baby. Beverly is always coming around to poke the baby, and I think she thinks it is a abby doll for her to play with. She really has a soft spot for the baby and she is always coming into my room to see if the abby is awake.
I got your last letter dear and I think we can afford the $100 for the War Bond so I will make sure that I enclose the cheque with this letter. It is wonderful that you will get an extra day off for your leave if you buy the bond down there. Speaking of your leave dear, it is getting harder and harder for me me to say goodbye everytime that you leave. I think the more days that you can off in a row and spend the time down here with me and the abby would be best. I will leave it to you to figure all that out dear.
Well then dear, I think that is about all. Our little daughter is just so precious darling and I am looking so forward to you getting home so we can spend all the time together with her.
Missing you and loving you form the bottom of my heart,
Your loving wife



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