April 26th, 1944

Hello darling;

Well dear here it is Wednesday afternoon and here is the letter that I promised you. The weather has been rather wet and rainy since Saturday, but today it is quite warm and we have the windows wide open. I thought I would have received you weekend letter by now but as yet I have not but I am looking forward to it very much dear.
Now let me see what I have done since I wrote you Sunday? Monday I felt a lot better and I went to the station show and saw “Shine on Harvest Moon” it was pretty fair. Last night there was a concert on at the station and it was very good, even though the girls were not nearly as cute as you dear. Tonight there is a boxing and wrestling show on at the station so I guess I will go. Tomorrow night there is a show with Errol Flynn in it.
By the way dear I think we ought to buy a War Bond don’t you? If you don’t think we can afford it let me know dear but if you think we can, send me a cheque for $100.00 and I will get it down here. I will get an extra day on my next 48 hour leave if I buy one so let me know in your next letter darling.
Well dear how is our little darling this week? Is she still as cute as ever? How is she getting along on her feed? Look at me asking you all those questions, but I’m pretty proud of our little baby dear and the three of us are really going to have a wonderful time after the war and the sooner I am back to you dear, the happier I will be.
I guess you read in the papers about the plane accident, it certainly was pretty bad. They have found 16 bodies already, it certainly was very bad and sad.
Well dear I do not think I will be home until the 6th of May, but we will really have a time that weekend won’t we? That is if you feel OK darling, so let me know what you would like to do, how does that sound dear?
We will go to a show downtown Saturday afternoon and have our meal there, then we can come home and have a little rest? And then go dancing to the Palais Royale or wherever you wish dear, boy that sounds pretty good to me. I guess your mother will look after the baby for us, if she is up to it that is. Gee the time is certainly going slowly, and I am counting down the days if not the hours until I get back to you.
I guess you got the carriage today dear. I hope so because I am certainly looking forward to going out walking with you and out baby dear so I just hope that weather is real nice for that weekend. I will be the proudest Pop but do you think the baby will be too young to take walking then? I certainly hope not.
Well dear I think that is about all the news for now but I will drop you another line on Friday or Saturday and so dear until then all my love dear, to you and our little baby daughter.
your loving Pop and husband,


XXXXXXXXXX – for Donna

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