April 23rd, 1944

Hello darling;

Well dear here it is Sunday night and I am not going out. I thought I would write you dear. I thought I would have received a letter from you but no luck. I am guessing that you have your hands full with the baby so I guess I will forgive you this one time.
Let me see what I have sone since I last wrote you. Wednesday I went to the hospitality house in Lachine. Thursday I went to the station show and on Friday I went into Montreal and saw 2 real thrillers. Last night I was not feeling very well and did not go anywhere and I have not been anywhere today either.
Well how is our little daughter dear? Well I hope. I bought 3 rolls of film in the canteen so we can take some pictures of our baby as soon as we can. The time is certainly dragging along for me now dear but I might be down in 3 weeks and if you think I should I will take Monday and Tuesday off as well so we shall see anyway, eh dear?
I hope you are feeling better darling. You certainly stood up well to everything and I think that you are the loveliest, little wife and mother int he world darling.
So you are going to buy the carriage this week dear? Well have her all oiled and shined by the time I get home so we can go walking with our little daughter. I hope the weather will be nice of us.
By the way dear is my Pop still worrying about the little one as much as ever? I think that he is even worse than me, but I am not worrying now because I know you and your mother will take the best care of our little beautiful daughter.
This time last week we were all sitting in your front room and I am just wishing that I was there right now. It was so wonderful to watch little Beverley kiss and cuddle our daughter and it brought such a smile to my face thinking that they will be growing up together and will almost be like sisters.
How is Marg feeling these days Has she heard from Ted? I guess she must feel pretty lonely these days. I certainly do feel sorry for her, and I guess there is nothing that I can do but I am sure that having you around with the baby must give her some comfort to know that soon when her little bundle comes along she will not be left to her own devices. Just think dear all the little ones running around the house playing I think that will be just lovely.
I just hope that I will be as close to you for the rest of the war and the end won’t come too soon to suit me.
Well darling I think hat is about all for now darling, but I will write you on Wednesday and so for now then darling,
From your loving husband,


P.S – get cracking on that letter dear

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