April 11th, 1944

Hi Mommy;

Well how is the patient today, very well I hope. I rather expected a letter from you today dear especially after my Mother told that you had written on Sunday and am I ever anxious to see our little daughter dear. I can’t do anything else but think about her, it is sure going to be tough coming back here the next time.
Well how are you feeling darling? Well I hope. My Mother says that you look wonderful. I just hope hat you will be able to come out when I come home. You should be out around Saturday.
I have not done hardly anything since I last wrote you expect go around in a daze. I have still that that darn cold of mine and it has been lingering around for some time. Saturday I did not do anything at all. Sunday it was such a swell day and I went for a walk with the rest of the boys and was in bed by 10PM. Last night they had a concert on at the station and I went, it was pretty good. Tonight there is a show it is “The Imposter”, it is real new and it might be OK.
Well how do you like hospital life dear? I hope they are taking good care of you and have you got your radio there? It should help make the days go by faster. Gee darling, do I ever wish I could visit you every day. I guess I’ll just have to finish this war up right away so I can get home to my darling wife and baby daughter.
By the way dear who does she look like, but I guess you have given me all the details in that letter you wrote. I certainly hope that it comes in tomorrow because I really was disappointed when I did not get it today.
I will be in Friday night dear but I won’t be seeing you until Saturday I guess. How does Pop and Mom Booth feel about it? My Dad bought $5.00 worth of cigars for the boys in his office. I guess he is just like a kid again.
Boy am I ever happy dear, with a beautiful wife whom I love very much and a beautiful daughter who I will also love very much, what more could I want except I want to be with you and her right away. I will just have to put my trust in the Lord and say your prayers and I will not be long until I am back home with you both. I really think that is why we have so much love, and we really do have a lot to be thankful for and I will keep remembering that and hold that close to my heart.
Well darling I think that is about all for now dear and I will be seeing you before you would receive another letter so I won’t write again and so for now dearest give my love to our daughter and to you dear I give all my love and take is easy dear and get lots of rest.
So for now dear, all my love,
Your very loving husband, and now father,


XXXXXXXXXXXXXX – extra for the baby

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