April 7th, 1944

Hello Darling;

Well dear, I received my mothers telegram yesterday morning and I am just about the happiest guy in the whole world right now. Just what I wanted, a baby girl. I was talking to my mother last night as I guess you know by now and she was saying that it was the most beautiful baby that she had ever seen. I guess that she would think that anyway so I will leave it up to you tell me all about my new beautiful daughter.
I hope that you are feeling alright darling, so you just take it real easy and do not leave the hospital until you feel like your usual self. I hope you have the radio there dear. By the way darling let me know if I can phone you next week some time or you can phone me just tell me when you will and i will be ready.
I could have got home for Friday, Saturday and Sunday but I’ve got a bad cold dear and I thought I would wait until I found out when you are coming home and I would come down then. I thought next Saturday, Sunday or Monday would be OK, so let me know darling. Gee I am so excited that I am going to see our baby girl that I don’t think I will sleep next week at all. I am doing nothing but think about it all the time as it is.
You were certainly taken by surprise I guess eh darling? I had made arrangements to get the telegram as soon as it arrived and I was so darn scared when the fellow came over and said there was one for me. I thought something had gone wrong. But when I read the telegram, I let out one loud yell. I bought Sundaes for all the boys. Harry, the other Pop, was passing out cigars but the boys wanted the sundaes so that is what I gave them. His wife had a awful tough time he said but that always do with boys I understand, at least it is more hard then a girl birth. You wanted a boy didn’t you dear and I wanted a girl, but is she is as nice as they say, you don’t mind do you dear?
I guess we won’t get our carriage until the next time I come down after this time; and we will go out and pick it ourselves and anything else that you need darling, you just go ahead and get it.
My Mother says my Dad acts as though he was the father, but not nearly as proud as I am. Oh by the way dear will you send her birth certificate down to me so I cam apply for dependants allowance for her, did you call her Donna Doreen, I think that is a lovely name dear, but leaving it up to you dearest.
Everybody is calling my Pop and I don’t mind it a bit. How does Mommy sound to you dear? I bet there is not one so lovely in all of Toronto as you are darling, we certainly will make a happy looking threesome when we go walking along the Danforth.
Now dear if there is anything you want let me know. I’ve got $100 down here if you want it darling so do not be afraid to ask me.
Well dear that is about all for now but I will write as soon as I hear from you and I’ll give you a phone call next week if you say so so let me know the numbers. So for now darling,
Your ever loving husband and very proud Pop,


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX – give these to the baby

One thought on “April 7th, 1944

  1. “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX – give these to the baby”

    How sweet!

    Thank-you, Jay for letting us have a glimpse into your family’s life. As soon as a letter appears, I am reading it. I have been on pins and needles waiting for the big moment when the baby is born and whether it will be a boy or girl. Sure sounds like it was a happy time and too bad Bill was not able to be present (pacing back and forth in the hospital waiting room).

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