April 3rd, 1944

Hello darling;

Well dear I received your very welcome letter today. I almost thought you had forgotten that you had a husband down here in Montreal.
I have not done anything very exciting since I last wrote you darling. Thursday night I went to the station show and saw a fair flying picture. Friday night I did not go out of the barracks and on Saturday I went to a show downtown. Yesterday I had to work all day bit there was not very much doing, so I read all day.
Tonight I am going to the station show I think., It is “Lady In the Dark” with Ginger Rogers.
I saw Ted a couple of times dear and he didn’t seem to be quite as happy as he was when he was just thinking about going overseas. I felt rather sorry in fact for him dear, especially the way Marg is. I think the reality of him going overseas has now sunk in and it might just be a little overwhelming for him, considering that Marg is now in the family way and will be alone when the baby comes.
Just think darling it will only be 2 more weeks dear, by the way dear give me your phone number darling because I would like to phone you next week and see how you are, so do not forget and don’t be afraid now dear. Thousands of woman go through it every day who are not in nearly as good condition as you are, and your doctor is one of the best in Toronto. I think myself dear that you won’t have any trouble at all.
Do you know the fellow, I think I told you about his wife expecting on the 25th or so, well it was just a week late. They had a little boy and they both are doing fine.
How is Marg taking it about Ted. I guess she is not very happy but it is nice that you are so close to one another and can keep each other company when he is away. I am also guessing that seeing as you will have babies so close together it might be easier for you both to share the same clothes and such in the event that Marg does not have a chance to go out and get some of her own. I can’t imagine how she is feeling being locked up in that Simpson house, and they never seem to let her out of their sight. Darling I am so glad that you can help and be there for her.
The weather is lovely down here today and I just hope that is continues for a while. I don’t know what to do this weekend. We get Good Friday off but I would rather save the money and come home after the bay is born but I will see, what would you rather have me do darling?
Well Lloyd brought his wife back this morning and he is as happy as can be. He is really lucky, but we had a wonderful 6 months together didn’t we darling. Boy do I ever remember those lovely Saturday afternoons, we certainly had a good time and there will be lots more too dear.
Well darling I think that is about all for now and so with all my love dear, please take good care of yourself and it will not be long until our little bundle of joy will be in our arms.
Your very loving husband,



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