March 9th, 1944

Bill dear,

Well it is me again your little porker of a wife and I have decided to write you a few lines to tell you all that has happened since we spoke last.
I am glad that I was able to get a hold of you, and that was after trying a few time as I guess the telephone lines were busy and they did not know how to get a hold of you. I sat for a long time waiting as I told you and then there you were. Talking to you was better than writing but don’t expect that to happen all too ofter dear, I was just so lonely to hear your voice and speaking to you certainly got my spirits up.
Well darling the big news around here is that Marg got a letter from Ted and he let her know that he has been posted overseas. He is not sure exactly when he is going but he thinks that it will be rather soon. Marg was just beside herself, and of course she is always concerned when Ted is involved.
I told Marg that she can only pray for the best and that he will be not close to all the fighting whenever he goes but that is not what I think she is afraid of. She will be all alone when the baby comes and I think that is what is her biggest fear is. I told her that she is not alone and that me and Aunt Jessie and my mom will always be here for her and that we can do this together. Darling it feels like I already have one baby under my belt with Beverly and now we will have our own and then I can help Marg with hers and it will be like having one big family. But as we know she will have to stay in the that horrible house being kept under the eyes of those Simpsons so I am sure that is not giving her any comfort.
I have been feeling well, but I do have some ups and downs when it comes to feeling OK, and I think it is just all the extra weight that I am carrying. My legs and ankles look like they belong to an elephant so Mom keeps telling me to raise my legs up and drinks lots of water or milk. Dear, it will not be long now before our little ones comes into our world and I truly cannot wait to become a mother and for you to become a father and hand out all those cigars you keep talking about. i am sure that the fellows will be happy for you or will they be more happy just to get that cigar.
We have been busy finishing up the packing for our move, that that I am much of a help. I just try and keep Beverley occupied so that she is not in the way once Pop comes home from work and he has to get to getting things ready. I will have to make sure that in my next letter or so that I give you our new address.
Bill dear what do you think I should do once we move, should I stay with my Mom and Pop or do you think that I should move into your place so that I am not in the way and that I have a better place to stay while the house gets in order. Let me know what you think in your next letter.
When are you thinking about taking your leave dear, and how long do you think you will be able to get away and come down to Toronto? Can you let me know as I think it will be wonderful if you are here when the baby comes but we really do not know when that will happen, it is completely up to mother nature.
Well darling I will end this letter here so for now, loving you very very much and hoping to see you in just a couple of week.
Love always,


One thought on “March 9th, 1944

  1. RE: “….. it feels like I already have one baby under my belt with Beverly and now we will have our own and then I can help Marg with hers and it will be like having one big family.” So heartbreaking– the idea of Doreen (and her family, we already know her mom is not available for Beverly let alone Marg’s baby…).
    I hadn’t thought of how the Simpsons might affect Doreen directly until now…

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