March 8th, 1944

Hello darling;

Well dear what a lovely surprise you gave me when you called me yesterday and was very glad to hear all the good news. You really are quite a little “porker” aren’t you, now do as the nurse told you dear and do not eat those fattening foods, especially those candies.
I expect to be getting my week-end leave the week-end of the 18th that is in 2 weeks. I could either take it then or the following week so let me know when you would rather have me home darling. I guess I should wait until you are settled in your new place. It looks like you are not going to have any trouble at all getting into your new place. I am glad to hear that dear as I would not have liked you to be living in that other place as it would have driven your Mom nuts.
Well dear I have not done very much this week. Sunday night I went to the station show and Monday night I went as well and saw Robert Taylor in “Song of Russia”. Last night I stayed in and tonight they are having a dance on at the station but I don’t know whether to go or not.
Well old Tom is certainly quite glad with his whole “situation”, who would have thought it, but everybody is doing it now, its a good thing we got married when we did to something like that might have happened to us dear…HA
They are certainly giving us lots of lectures on V.D. I guess that the situation is really bad in Montreal. You almost have to wear rubber gloves to shake hands with a girl here.
Our meals are quite good now, we have ice cream 2 or 3 times a week and as much as you can eat and all the juice you can drink and that includes “cow squeezing” but none of these meals will look nearly as good as the ones we have in our own little place dear with our babies at the table and you looking as lovely as you are. It certainly is nice to look forward to dear, and it won’t be too soon to suit me. One of these days we will wake up to read about the big invasion starting and it should not be long after that to have this darn war over.
Darling, I have never been so happy as I have been since I have been married. I was just thinking this morning all those good times we had about this time last year, boy the time has gone fast hasn’t it? Gee I used to look forward to coming home at night to you dear and not to sleep either even though you did (HA HA). I shouldn’t think of those things like that to I’ll be running out the back door here and beating it down to Toronto, but we will catch up on all our loving dear, as soon as I get home for good. And there is an awful lot to be caught up with.
The weather down here has turned cold again but I think that this is going to be the last gasp of winter and before you know it spring will be here and you will have that little wonderful baby.
Well darling that is about all for now but I will write you on Sunday again and so dear loving you from the bottom of my heart.
Your very loving husband,



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