March 1st, 1944

Bill darling;

Hello dear, here I am your very pregnant wife writing you a few lines to tell you that I am finally feeling better now that I have gotten over this darn cold.
Things have been pretty exciting around here with all the things we have to do with the upcoming move to our new house. I will be glad to be closer to the Danforth and be close with your Mom and Pop and Marg so that will be something that will ease my mind as the baby is so close to coming.
We have been packing up the house even if we do not have that many things to pack. Beverley has been trying to help me pack clothes but she is getting in the way more than she is helping. Mom is happy to be out of this house and she is exciting to be moving to a new place, and dear, this is the first time that I think I have seen her happy in quite some time. She is so excited to be back closer to her friends and Pop thinks that we will have some real happy times in the new house. I cannot believe that we will finally be living on Glebholme after living in the awful place so such a long time.
Darling, I have been getting so many baby clothes from so many people. First Jessie and Irene dropped in and gave me some lovely blankets for the baby and some clothes that they knitted. Then Jan came over and as I had not seen her in such a long time we had such a nice time catching up and talking about old times. She did not bring her baby with her as she left it with her parents to watch so she could make a day of it.
Then last night Dot dropped in for a very quick visit to drop off a lovely baby outfit that she picked up from the Eaton’s baby department. She did not even come all the way into the house dear, she just stood in the doorway as she was going out with her fellow for some supper. She was saying that she is still waiting for that ring that he promised her, but we know that she has been waiting for over 6 months and I am not sure that she will ever get that ring.
Marg and Aunt jessie cam over today to help us do some packing and I had a chance to have a chat with Marg in the kitchen. She is having some sickness in the morning still and I think that it might be nerves rather than being pregnant. She says that she still has so many things to do and get ready for seeing as she is still working. I told her to take it easy as you always told me dear, but she said that she has to keep on working to contribute to the household expenses. I just hope that those Simpsons do right by her when the baby comes along.
I was thinking dear, when you come home after this war is over where shall be staying? I am thinking that we will be living in your house with your parents but I have been thinking that we should be looking for a place of our own, but I know that we have lots of time to think of that once you are back home for good.
Well darling, that is all the news from here so with that I will say that I love you very very much and from the bottom of my heart, I love you
From your very very big wife,



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