February 16th, 1944

Hello darling;

I have just finished reading your last letter and also your very nice Valentine. I would have written sooner but I wanted to wait until I had definite news about my leave and I will be getting it next week so you go up to my Mothers place on Friday night. I don’t know whether I’ll be home on Friday night or not but I will certainly try my hardest and you know what happens when I try my hardest.
Well darling nothing very exciting has happened at all since I last wrote you. Mart Kenny is playing here on Friday for the “Coco Cola Co. of Canada LTD” so you should listen to him. Thursday night I slept all night and Saturday I went to the show downtown. Sunday I stayed in all day and went to the Rotary Club on Sunday night and had a dandy time playing pool. Tonight I guess I will go to the station again. Tuesday and Thursday nights I have to go to a course being held here so that will kill a couple of evenings a week.
Well darling I am getting more excited every day practicing to become a father and darling I don’t care how much it costs as long as you get the best care. How much do you weigh now darling a good 120 pounds? But I bet Marg will look huge besides you. I just hope that they will be as happy as you and I are darling and I really say that from the bottom of my heart darling. I’ve really been very happy since I’ve been married darling and only because you have made such a sweet loving wife.
The weather down here is quite mild now but we certainly had a cold spell last week and it really does get cold down here. I hope you are not taking chances dear going out when it is cold and slippery.
Lloyd got back from his weeks leave this morning and you know these newlyweds (ahem) he is really all tired out and not from the train ride either. His wife is smaller than you but you little girls are really dynamite aren’t you? He said he didn’t get any sleep at all the night before last.
Well darling I am afraid that is about all for now but I’ll drop you another few lines about Wednesday and give you all the information about my leave but it wouldn’t hurt for you to ask Pop is he would pick me up at the Danforth Station at 9:30 Friday night because I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting home then and so for now darling,
All my love



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