February 9th, 1944

Hello darling;

Well here it is Wednesday afternoon and just about time that I dropped my wife a little bit of news in a little letter.
I am just fine dear and anxiously looking forward to seeing you soon. I have put my application in for my leave starting a week Monday. I should be able to get into Toronto by Saturday morning at the latest and I hope Friday night.
I received your package yesterday darling and I was very happy to get all those chocolates, even though dear that we have lots here it certainly made me smile think of you picking out the chocolates at Laura Secord. I do not know if you know but Tom, you know the fellow that we used to chum round with before the war, anyway it was s surprise to me that he got engaged. He certainly is a queer guy and I just hope he is as happily married as I am darling because you have made me very happy and contented and when I become a Pop I think I will be the happiest guy in the entire world.
How are you keeping yourself darling? I bet you will be like a little blimp when I come home and I really like you that way so how about getting nice and plump after the baby and staying that way eh?
Well dear I have had a rather quiet week so far. Sunday night I went to the station show and saw “Mrs Miniver” and I really thought it was a wonderful show. The boys were even crying during the show. Monday night I went to the show and saw “Ali Baba” and boy was a wonderful picture too and I would suggest that you see it right away when it comes to Toronto. Last night I stayed in the barracks and read a book on “Birth Control” and it was very interesting but I knew all about it. Tonight they are having a stage show so that is what I will be doing tonight. Tomorrow night the show on the station is “Higher and Higher” with Frank Sinatra so that sounds pretty good to me.
Well darling I think I love you more every time I come home if that is possible and I do a lot of day dreaming about all the fun we are going to have when we are together after the war and I just hope I make a good husband and father.
I get a big kick out of the boys down here who have just become fathers. They are just like a bunch of old women; discussing how much their babies weigh, what they eat, if they are speaking etc. but I guess i will be as bad as any of them when it is my turn.
Well darling I think that is about all the news for now but I will drop you another line on Friday or so and so darling loving you from the bottom of my heart.
Your loving husband,



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