February 13th, 1944

Hello dearest

Well darling I am sitting here the day before Valentines day and I am wishing you a happy Valentines day and thinking how lovely it would have been if you were here with me but you will be home soon enough so that is something that I can look forward to.
Everyone here is fine and last night I went over to see your Mom and Pop and they are doing just fine as well. It was certainly a cold walk over to se them but your Pop had the furnace going and we were all very comfortable when we sat in the front room. Your mom made a wonderful supper and dear, I think I ate more than 3 portions of everything. She also made a wonderful vanilla cake and she made me promise to take the left overs home.
So as you can see dear, I am certainly going to be very plump when you come home but I think that after the baby comes I will make sure that I get back to my weight that I was before I was expecting. I like it when I am close to 105 pounds so dear, you will just have to make due with less curves. Will that be OK for you?
I cannot recall darling who Tom is and when you say we used to chum around with him, are you talking about before the war and when we went dancing at the Palais? I think I know who you are speaking about about I cannot put a face to a name.
Little Beverly is getting so big now and she runs around the house screaming at the top of her lungs. She loves to hear the sound of her own voice and I think Mom sometimes it just at her wits end. She hands Beverley over to me and ask me to take her for a walk of take her outside and play in the snow which is getting more and more difficult for me as this belly on mine grows. Darling can you believe that we are only 2 months or so away from expecting our little baby to come along. I am so excited but also nervous about what to expect. Mom told me that there will be some pain at the beginning but I hope that the labour is quick and easy for me.
We had a visitor 2 nights ago and I was very excited to see Dot standing in the doorway. She came in and we had tea and scones but Dot decided that she would have some brandy with Mom. I think Dot may have been out before coming to see us and I think that it was not the first brandy of the night for her. I really do miss our chats at work and having some good laughs but she said that she would come around again and I certainly do hope that she does.
I have not seen Marg for a couple of days now and I am hoping the she is a little more excited to be expecting a family soon. It looks like she might be farther along than she originally thought but like me, I think she is now eating for 2 and the weight that she is putting on could be a little deceiving.
Well darling that is all the news for now and I will be seeing you in less than 4 days and for now what I will say is that I love you very very much and I cannot wait to see you back home and for us to have our special time together. So for now I will leave you with loving you form he bottom of my heart.
All my love,



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