February 6th, 1944

Hello darling;

Well hear it is Sunday afternoon and I have just finished reading your letter darling. Boy I am certainly thinking about your last letter dear and I am very glad that we had some time to talk everything over when I was at home, even if we did only have those few moments when we were in bed together.
I am so sorry to hear about all the troubles that Marg is going through and I am very happy that you can take the time to support her and be there for her. It might even help her feel a bit better and I am sure that things will turn out OK.
Boy is it ever cold down here. I don’t think I will be going very far today. They are having a show on the station tonight so I think I will take it in.
I was just thinking about this time last week and I can’t wait until 2 weeks to come, it certainly is wonderful to be able to get home to you darling, it certainly keeps my morale up. I haven’t done an awful lot as usual this week. I saw the “Masquers” show and was rather disappointed in it but it wasn’t too bad and it was free anyway.
Wednesday night they wanted 50 Airmen to go to a concert and show downtown so I gave my name in and they took us down in a bus and it was very good. Thursday night I didn’t go out and Friday night I went to the station show. Saturday night Norm and I went downtown about 4 o’clock and had out supper down here. We then one to the Air Force house and took in a show after. Tomorrow night Ali Baba is going to the station show so that is where I will be.
Well darling I hope you are keeping well and feeling OK. I can’t get over how lovely you looked when I was home. You looked really radiant. You are certainly going to make a beautiful mother. I think that this married life certainly must agree with you. Well dear I guess we will just have to have a real large family (HA HA). Well darling take real good care of yourself won’t you, and don’t go out if it is slippery and wet and take it real easy.
Lloyd went on a weeks leave Friday and I told him to try and have a family and he don’t worry he will, and he is working on it (HA HA again).
Well darling I think that is about all for now but I will write you on Thursday again dear and so until then, from your loving husband,
All my love,



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